Program Structure

To build a solid foundation in sobriety, we rely on:

  • Regular 12-Step Meetings – Attendance and sponsorship are central to the process.
  • Weekly Peer Meetings – House residents share and encourage each other’s progress, and address issues in applying the 12 steps to daily life.
  • Weekly Family Support Sessions – Informative and supportive meetings
  • A Morning Meditation Meeting – After breakfast, we discuss a topic from 12-step literature, as well as individual daily goals and schedules.
  • Dinnertime Discussion – We cover plans for the evening and the next day.
  • 24-hour Management – Available, as needed, for any emerging issues on an individual basis.
  • Standard Random Testing – Customary drug/urinalysis is included.
Room at Genesis Sober Living

Genesis Sober Living is geared for men who are serious about recovery, with a real desire for a substance-free way of life. Here, we share our structure, common legal issues, and the purpose of 12-Step Recovery.

Legal Issues

Courts have increasingly recognized sober living as an effective means of dealing with alcohol and drug-related problems.

Recognizing this, some men come to Genesis Sober Living with court obligations.

We have an excellent reputation with the judiciary system in Los Angeles.

We are experienced and flexible in working along side most conditions that courts may impose.