Outpatient Treatment Program

Upon admission to Genesis, it is mandatory to be enrolled in an intensive outpatient program.

Our structured sober living environment in conjunction with the finest clinical care produces long-term, successful outcomes that we are extremely proud of. Because of this combination, Genesis is unmatched in the industry.

Creating healthy relationships

  • Family Educational Groups

Finding ways to reduce stress

Improving decision-making abilities

Identifying anger triggers and learning effective ways to deal with anger

  • Coping with drug cravings

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Process, support, and education group therapy

  • Discharge planning

  • Access to a variety of resources, including occupational and educational opportunities

  • Drug screens when required

  • Coordination with physician, and therapist

Practicing effective communication between client and family members

What’s Included

  • Evaluation/assessment
  • Alcohol and other drug educational groups
  • Group therapy
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Case Management
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Family therapy