Making a decision to enter a sober living environment can be difficult and we applaud the individual who is making this life-affirming choice. We are here for men who realize they need additional support in their recovery program, or simply desire the safety and structure we provide.

Genesis House has a great reputation among recovery professionals, and for good reason. Lance and his staff provided the perfect combination for my early recovery: The structure I needed help with, in an informal atmosphere that let me feel I was at home rather than in treatment. Recovery is never easy, but I always felt everyone at Genesis, both staff and residents, had my back. I’m 100% sure Genesis House is why I went from being a serial relapser to a sober member of society.
Paul Boutin
Genesis house is a place I’m glad and grateful I can call home. Why? Because they show love and compassion and are tough when I needed it at times. This house has taught me to live on a day-to-day basis—from cooking for myself, cleaning, [to] being responsible for my actions. I love this place. Anyone who is ready for a change for the better, then this is the place. Love you guys.
Patrick Le Falchier
Genesis House was exactly what I needed to turn from my self-centered ways of thinking (drinking and drugging) into a life that is worth living (giving and growing). Thanks to Lance and the entire family!
Ron Matthews
Nick Nova
This house Rocks… Literally, complete with guys jammin’ in the garage. But most important is the fact that here you’ll feel safe to get on with early recovery with other like-minded guys. I think it’s the best house anywhere, because it lets you be and become who you are and want to be without bashing you over the head if you stumble along the way. We all are imperfect, the management at GH knows that and tries to help you gain truly meaningful sobriety so that when you are ready to move on and move out you will truly be ready! Saved my life for sure. I am enormously grateful to Genesis and Lance in particular for doing so much for me and helping me learn to live a sober lifestyle – and enjoy it! Thanks guys!
Rick Carroll
Simply put, Genesis House is the one sober living [home] for men that has remained true to its purpose—to save lives and show men the amazing freedom of sobriety. They care like no other establishment, and share an awe-inspiring amount of quality sobriety and love. Genesis House is the benchmark for all other sober livings to aspire to, an extraordinary sober living experience, in an all-too- ordinary world. I have referred every male client I know for over 10 years and will continue to do so.
Jamie A. Foley CADC II, CCS Owner, Magnolia Place Sober Living for Women
If you want a quality chance to change your life, [then] get your life re-started with the best support team in the Los Angeles area, Genesis House! The staff is unsurpassed, and qualified to assist you through your life-changing experience. I am truly grateful for Genesis House, and all they offered to me while I was there!
Randy Glaeser
If you want to get clean and sober, then stop by and visit Genesis Sober Living…the vibe is great, the food is excellent, the staff friendly and knowledgeable, and you can learn to live without alcohol and drugs in a supportive, helpful environment. I got sober there, and have remained clean and sober for 5 1/2 years…If I did, you can too! Call Genesis and live free of mind-altering substances…
Jay David


I have placed hundreds of clients in sober living environments, and have worked with over 70 different sober living homes across the country. It is without hesitation that I can recommend Genesis Sober Living as the most effective sober living home I have had the privilege of working with to date.
Jamie A. Foley, CADC II Owner/Executive Director Magnolia Place
Genesis House, as a sober living environment for men, stands alone. Their unique balance of structure combined with freedom allows the individual to develop a strong recovery program with a sense of independence I have not seen before. Their relapse rate proves their success with men in all age groups.
Mary Koster, M.A.
On behalf of the MusiCares Foundation, I want to congratulate you and your staff for the superb work that you do for MusiCares and our clients. Every referral that I have sent to you has been handled with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. The success rates for our referrals who stay past 3 months are some of the best I have seen in any facility in my 15 years of substance abuse treatment.
Harold Owens, CADC, Director, Addiction Recovery Services MusiCares Foundation
My relationship with Genesis Sober Living dates back to the first month they were open. I was so impressed by both the facility and its administration that I began immediately referring my clients from the Musician’s Assistance Program to their care. I am happy to say those first impressions were correct.
Terry Kirkman, CADC-II, Addictions Counselor & Consultant